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    Artificial Grass Measuring Guide

    Measuring Your Garden For Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    Measuring your garden/area for artificial grass is not as complicated as some would believe. The artificial grass that we install, as an approved Namgrass installer, is produced in 2m and 4m rolls. It helps to know this as you can work out the best way to buy the right amount of artificial grass.

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    An important point to mention is that if you need more than one piece of grass - all the pieces of artificial grass must have the pile lying in the same direction. There will also be one way that you must not lie the grass and this will be where the pile lies away from the house – otherwise it will appear shiny.

    To make it easier to understand how to measure your area correctly we have some diagrams to assist you but they won’t cover every shape possible so please get in contact if you need further help.

    If more than one measurement of the area goes over 4m you will most probably require a join and will need to purchase more than one piece of grass.
    We would also advise that you purchase about 5-10cm more than the actual size as this will help when cutting to cut a perfect edge to the grass.

    Many artificial grass installers can give you a price per square metre to install the grass with disposal and the correct sub base. This will be based on the area size and will include all labour, disposal and materials.

    Secondly, you will also need to know the measurements so the correct sizes can be purchased and whether it will be from a 4m roll, 2m roll or both.

    Measuring a square or rectangular area

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    Measuring a square or rectangular shape will be easy. Take the measurement of the longest width and length and multiply it to get the total square metres.

    In the case above the area is 3m x 3.5m = 10.5 square metres.
    However, the grass will need to be purchased from a 4m roll that is 3m long. Which will result in a 12 square metre piece.

    Measuring an uneven square or rectangular shape

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    If the basic shape of your lawn is a rectangle or square that has certain parts cut out – like a shed base or flower bed etc then you still measure it as the first example.

    Multiply the longest length by the longest width to get the total area and then work out if you need a 4m piece or 2m piece/s

    In the example above the total area is 4.3m x 3.8m = 16.34sqm
    There will be some offcuts in this example.
    A 4m piece 4.3m wide will be required. Total 17.2sqm

    Measuring a round area

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    With a round garden it is possible to measure the area using a formula however for the purposes of artificial grass we need to measure the longest length by the longest width as there will be a lot of cutting needed to create the round shape.

    In this example the amount of grass needed would be 3mx3m = 9sqm however this would equal one 4m piece by 3m.

    Measuring an unusual shape or area requiring joins

    Artificial Grass Installation by Ayegardening in Reigate

    There will be many gardens that are not covered in the above diagrams so the best place to start if your garden is an irregular shape would be to see if you can split the garden into sections – remembering that the grass comes in 2m and 4m rolls. Start by finding the longest length and width. Then if a section is over the 4m see if you can make this it’s own section. Like the above diagram there will two sections:

    1.9m x 1.9m (This will require a 2m piece by 1.9m)
    7.1m x 3.9m (This will require a 4m piece by 7.1m)

    The total area for the purposes of an installation quotation would be:
    1.9m x 1.9m = 3.61sqm
    3.9m x 7.1m = 27.69sqm

    Total: 31.3sqm

    However, sometimes it is possible to be clever and use offcuts from some places to install in other parts. In the case of above it would be possible to use the offcut from the bottom left for the top right piece. Saving money! Which is always good.

    If you need any more help then please do get in touch with us.
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    Artificial Grass Installer

    How can you look after a fake lawn?

    One of the main reasons why more and more people are switching to an artificial lawn compared to a real one is because of the fact that these are low-maintenance: you don’t need to trim, water, or fertilize these in order to make sure that these look good. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to make sure that your artificial lawn is always in tip-top shape. Click on the below link to find out how to keep your new artificial lawn looking the best.

    Looking after your new fake lawn

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